FAT Services Booking Documentation

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Change log

Version: 4.7(23-12-2021)
  • Fix not switching to Calendar tab after paying via Stripe
Version: 4.6(09-11-2021)
  • Fix time slot for shortcode step layout
Version: 4.5(12-10-2021)
  • Fix day off is invalid date on Safari
Version: 4.4 (04-09-2021)
  • Fix time slot for button shortcode layout
  • Change the phone field from text to number
Version: 4.3 (20-08-2021)
  • Fix services work day
Version: 4.2 (13-07-2021)
  • Add time to employee’s day off
Version: 4.1 (01-07-2021)
  • Fixed multiple days for one service layout
  • Fixed double total cost if re-choose date time
Version: 4.0 (14-06-2021)
  • Fixed 'Appointments already booked' error when booking an appointment for an employee who selected 'Applies to all services' in the employee schedule
Version: 3.9 (03-06-2021)
  • Add hide employee option for step, step vertical, services, service no tab layout
Version: 3.8 (10-05-2021)
  • Fix date-time format for Calendar, Booking and Insight screen
Version: 3.7 (06-04-2021)
  • Update phone number, time slot style
  • Add 'Appointment booked' message to payment setting
Version: 3.6 (04-03-2021)
  • Fix link for email template
Version: 3.5 (16-Feb-2021)
  • Fix multiple booking when paying via Paypal or Stripe
Version: 3.4 (01-Feb-2021)
  • Add category id to the shortcode. It only displays services under this category id
Version: 3.3 (30-Dec-2020)
  • Fix validate minimum and maximum service for booking
Version: 3.2 (15-Dec-2020)
  • Fix service working day for calendar service shortcode
Version: 3.1 (29-Otc-2020)
  • Fix send mail after change booking status
Version: 3.0 (15-Otc-2020)
  • Add display order option for the service
  • Fix time zone for export google calendar
  • Add multiple booking days
  • Add re-schedule for booking at backend
Version: 2.11 (16-Sep-2020)
  • Fixed an issue where the date is not displayed when viewing booking details in the calendar
Version: 2.10 (11-Sep-2020)
  • Add option limit cancel booking before (hours)
  • Add pagination and booking status for history page
  • Add login/signup form
Version: 2.9 (06-July-2020)
  • Update 'Services duration'
Version: 2.8 (06-July-2020)
  • Add option time slot format: 24h or 12h
Version: 2.7 (16-June-2020)
  • Add new booking layout (step vertical layout)
  • Allow multiple location for employee
  • Responsive for backend
Version: 2.6 (06-June-2020)
  • Add option display 'From name' instead of 'From email' for default mailer
  • Update 'used count' field in listing coupon screen
  • Hide payment method if price is 0
  • Fix date time picker for booking form builder in step layout
Version: 2.5 (03-June-2020)
  • Add option enable/disable require email in booking form
  • Add phone country code for booking form
Version: 2.4 (01-June-2020)
  • Add category and location filter to shortcode services and services-no-tab
Version: 2.3 (27-May-2020)
  • Update time slot disable for booking button shortcode
  • Fix validate time slot available
  • Add email template for backend
Version: 2.2 (21-May-2020)
  • Add new layout: Allows selection of service, date and time period. Displays a list of available employees
  • Add date time ranger filter in booking list and export booking instead of only date range
  • Add option show/hide time slot not available on booking form
Version: 2.19 (09-May-2020)
  • Fixed time slot for Safari
  • Add duration time step. Default time step is 15 minutes, now you can change from 5, 10, 15, 20 .. minutes
Version: 2.18 (05-May-2020)
  • Add przelewy24 payment gateway
Version: 2.17 (10-Feb-2020)
  • Add price package
  • Fix missing booking form on some theme
Version: 2.16 (04-Dec-2019)
  • Add option show/hide payment method on booking form
  • Fix date picker conflict on some theme
Version: 2.15 (29-Nov-2019)
  • Add SMS notification after create appointment
Version: 2.14 (21-Nov-2019)
  • Add service extra for all shortcode
Version: 2.13 (14-Nov-2019)
  • Improvement send mail after create appointment
Version: 2.12 (10-Oct-2019)
  • Add booking form builder field's value to email template
Version: 2.11 (04-Oct-2019)
  • Add limit/unlimit user who can create appointment
  • Allow defined tax instead of fix 0%, 5%, 10%
  • Add shortcode for site only have one service and one provider
Version: 2.10 (30-Sep-2019)
  • Update time ranger for booking shortcode: Display time base on format 08:00 - 08:45 instead of 08:00
  • Update paypal api and send notification email after payment is completed instead of before
  • Add sort feature by date for list appointment in backend
Version: 2.9 (26-Sep-2019)
  • Add working day limit for services
Version: 2.8 (20-Sep-2019)
  • Integrated myPOS gateway
  • Update coupon
Version: 2.7 (10-Sep-2019)
  • Update Stripe payment
Version: 2.6 (02-Sep-2019)
  • Add option change time slot. default it is 15 minutes, now you can change from 15 -> 60 minutes
  • Fix error booking on some theme
  • Update limit service in counpon feature
Version: 2.5 (27-Aug-2019)
  • Add option enable/disable onsite payment
  • Add booking popup shortcode
Version: 2.4 (20-Aug-2019)
  • Fix missing service at frontend
Version: 2.3 (12-Aug-2019)
  • Add one service layout for client who only have one service
  • Add booking history at frontend
  • Add cancel booking at frontend
Version: 2.2 (08-Aug-2019)
  • Update form builder for shortcode
Version: 2.1 (07-Aug-2019)
  • Fix missing service when create employee
Version: 2.0 (06-Aug-2019)
  • Customize booking form via form builder
Version: 1.0 (26-July-2019)
  • Initial version