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Change log

  • Fix can't store value of dropdown on WordPress 5.3
  • Fix copy shortcode to clipboard on WordPress 5.3
  • Fix load more, infinite scroll on WordPress 5.3
  • Remove item limit when don't use order
  • Fix paging on metro layout
  • Add option to hide ‘All category’
  • Update libraries latest version (1.1.2) for Flipster workflow and Flipster Carousel layout
  • Fix duplicate category when use WPML on some theme
  • Fix missing metro and masonry for DIVI theme
v1.15.3 (23-March-2018)
  • Add social icon to single portfolio page
v1.15.2 (09-March-2018)
  • Add caption to popup gallery in single layout
v1.15.1 (30-Jan-2018)
  • Fix hidden image in metro layout if don’t choose animation
v1.15 (16-Jan-2018)
  • Optimize image lazy load
v1.14 (29-Dec-2017)
  • Fix lazy load for full gallery mode
  • Fix custom css syntax
v1.13 (21-Nov-2017)
  • Add paging (load more, infinite, page number) for shortcode what use ‘display full gallery’
  • Update to view full when click next and prev in popup gallery for shortcode what use ‘display full gallery’
v1.12 (04-Oct-2017)
  • Fix grid re-init after open popup gallery
  • Update layout single small video left, right
  • Add check image loaded before init carousel in single portfolio and shortcode
  • Update order category filter follow choice
  • Add option to choose image title or portfolio title when hover

v1.10 (9-Jul-2017)

  • Add option disable crop image for single portfolio page
  • Add skin : Thumbnail, Title and Excerpt hover
v.1.9 (30-June-2017)
  • Add option to choice use lighbox or maginific popup on single portfolio
  • Add cache for load gallery
  • Fixed repeat item in full mode
v.1.8 (03-June-2017)
  • Add option show full gallery to all layout type
  • Add option show image caption to popup gallery
  • Add taxonomy: Country, Project Type, Project Year, Project Status and filter layout for this taxonomy
  • Fixed: Popup gallery for Flipster Coverflow, Flipster Carousel

v.1.7 (29-May-2017)

  • Add option to show full gallery for grid and masonry layout
  • Add option show/hide page title on single portfolio
v.1.6 (13-May-2017)
  • Add option change image size for slider in single portfolio page
  • Add option on/off navigation in same category in single portfolio page
  • Add option of/off include header, footer, bootstrap font in single portfolio page to resolve duplicate header, footer on some theme
  • Fix random order
  • Add clone shortcode

v.1.5 (06-May-2017)

  • Add tag to portfolio
  • Add skin ’ Thumb – Title -Excerpt – Hover’
  • Fix css for gutter 30 pixel

v.1.4 (27-Apr-2017)

  • Add option to on/off include some javascript library to resolve duplicate library on some theme
  • Add single layout: Big image slide with content center, Big image slide with content float

v.1.3 (19-Apr-2017)

  • Add option to show image title or portfolio title in Popup gallery
  • Add skin: Thumb – icon – title hover
  • Fix: missing navigation icon in single portfolio page

v.1.2 (13-Apr-2017)

  • Add option to change Project Info, Project Detail, More Detail and category label in Single Portfolio
  • Add option to hide Project Info, Project Detail, More Detail if it empty
v.1.1 (10-Apr-2017)
  • Update plugin to compatiable with JetPack 4.8.1
v.1.0 (28-March-2017)
  • Initial version