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Change log

  • Fix send mail after payment via Paypal
  • Fix timezone for timetable and calendar layout
  • Translate 'No events' lable for calendar layout
  • Fix send mail for payment by Stripe
  • Add client's email to email content notification for admin
  • Hide Stripe card in booking form if event is free
  • Fix missing event on map layout
  • Add option to send mail via 'Post SMTP Mailer'
  • Add export option to Google Calendar
  • Fix adding event to the WooCommerce cart with customers not logged in
  • Update WooCommerce Integrated for 'Fixed fees' event
  • Add sort for column 'start date' in booking page
  • Add option disable/enable Google API javascript. Fix duplicate Google API javascript with theme
  • Allow booking ticket classification (event variations) via WooCommerce
  • Allow booking fees package (event variations) via WooCommerce
  • Remove options 'Hide event time' and 'Hide event end time' in event
  • Add the option 'Hide event end time' for the shortcode configuration. If checked, it will hide the event end time for all events in the shortcode
  • Add display feature image as background for list layout shortcode
  • Update send email for Woocomerce Integrated (sent after payment completed)
  • Add location, location address to email message and email subject
  • Update single event for my plugin
  • Add location, location address to email notification
  • Fix send mail for default SMTP
  • Update: Paypal API
  • Add: Send reminder emails before the event takes place
  • Add: QRCode to email notification. QRCode contains reservation information
  • Add: Send email notification to admin and main organizer when having a new reservation
  • Fixed: load event when click next or previous month
  • Update responsive for popup single event
  • Fixed: cannot store dropdown value in shortcode and single event on WordPress 5.3
  • Update responsive for timetable layout
  • Update responsive for popup single event
  • Fix missing booking detail in backend
  • Fixed missing location after update event
  • Fixed filter by location
  • Additional options to limit users in the event creation function at frontend
  • Added multiple location for event
  • Added amenities for event
  • Additional options to limit users in the event creation function at frontend
  • Added option to use google map or mapbox
  • Add table layout
  • Update social share in single event page
  • Fix timezone for calendar widget shortcode
  • Fix 'amount must be at least ' for Stripe
  • Fix Stripe's card don't show in booking form
  • Display location address in single event page if disable map in setting
  • Fix auto scroll to top when click load more or infinite scroll
  • Update Paypal payment and redirect to success page after pay
  • Dequeue stripe.js when uncheck stripe payment
  • Update ics template
v.1.17 (04-May-2019)
  • Fix miss first name, quantity in email template
  • Show up quantity, price, total payment for booking detail in admin area for booking what use booking form builder
v.1.16 (15-Apr-2019)
  • Fix missing time info when open popup detail from calendar widget
  • Update filter start date and end date in shortcode
v.1.15 (11-Apr-2019)
  • Add option allow create repeat multiple days (difference date and time)
v.1.14 (10-Apr-2019)
  • Add clickable for telephone in single event page
  • Fix timezone for list layout
v.1.13 (02-Apr-2019)
  • Update option 'Hide end event time' for popup single event
v.1.12 (29-Mar-2019)
  • Fix start date and end date for past event in single page
v.1.11 (26-Mar-2019)
  • Fix open popup event in timetable layout
v.1.10 (19-Mar-2019)
  • Add filter by date
  • Update BCC, CC for mail notification
  • Fix config popup dialog's stylesheet with Revolution slider
  • Fix filter by category
v.1.9 (11-Mar-2019)
  • Fix 'Undefined 0NAN' for calendar widget when upgrade from old version
v.1.8 (27-Feb-2019)
  • Fix missing day in calendar widget
  • Add option select default month for Calendar widget layout
v.1.7 (22-Feb-2019)
  • Fix editor in register event page for WordPress 4.9.x and 5.0.x
  • Add ticket classification for register event page
v.1.6.9 (10-Feb-2019)
  • Fix missing start date and end date when booking from timetable layout with single event popup modal
v.1.6.8 (30-Jan-2019)
  • Fix display ticket classification, fees package in single event page and popup layout
v.1.6.7 (29-Jan-2019)
  • Add other organizer to single layout
v.1.6.6 (25-Jan-2019)
  • Fix payment stripe for booking form
  • Add option to hide time in shortcode
v.1.6.5 (21-Jan-2019)
  • Fix display fees type in single layout 02
v.1.6.4 (18-Jan-2019)
  • Update timezone for get event functions
v.1.6.3 (15-Jan-2019)
  • Export event to ICAL
v.1.6.2 (07-Jan-2019)
  • Update mail charset to UTF-8
  • Update translate file
v.1.6.1 (27-Dec-2018)
  • Fix validate booking when disable booking form builder
v.1.6 (17-Dec-2018)
  • Add coupon code feature
  • Add ticket classification
  • WooCommerce Integarted

v.1.5.4 (04-Dec-2018)

  • Fix missing external payment link
  • Change google map API key

v.1.5.3 (08-Nov-2018)

  • Fix recurring for custom day
v.1.5.2 (30-Oct-2018)
  • Publish Event data via Wordpress API
  • Update event register form in frontend
  • Fix limit event
v.1.5.1 (16-Oct-2018)
  • Add export attendees to CSV file

v.1.5 (30-Sep-2018)

  • Add attendees manager
  • Fix switch language in admin area

v.1.4.2 (25-Sep-2018)

  • Add new item skin for grid, masonry, slide layout
  • Update documentation: guideline to override item skin template and single template

v.1.4.1 (15-Sep-2018)

  • Add option to disable/enable captcha
  • Add new single layout
  • Fix repeat event display for timetable layout
  • Fix active plugin with PHP 5.xx version

v.1.4 (07-Sep-2018)

  • Add fields for booking form (Gender, Department, Country)
  • Integrated Stripe gateway to booking form
  • Add option allow pick event from list events when create shortcode

v.1.3.6 (03-Sep-2018)

  • Add option change currency format and currency symbol position(behind, in front of)
  • Allow override event skin or event single layout by add template to theme folder
  • Update translate file
v.1.3.5 (30-Aug-2018)
  • Add option change image size for single event page
  • Add new skin for grid, masonry, slide layout
  • Update customize date time format for event shortcode
v.1.3.4 (27-Aug-2018)
  • Add google map layout
v.1.3.3 (24-Aug-2018)
  • Add option to show number of repeat event for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Show fully repeat custom daily on frontend
v.1.3.2 (22-Aug-2018)
  • Add new skin for countdown layout
  • Fix validate daily interval when create event
v.1.3.1 (21-Aug-2018)
  • Fix warning esc_url in single layout
  • Fix currency symbol in list skin

v.1.3 (18-Aug-2018)

  • Add option to send email notification after booking
  • Add option to confirm participation after booking
  • Add option filter event by start date and end date in shortcode
  • Add option booking free
  • Add filter booking by event in booking list

v.1.2.3 (11-Aug-2018)

  • Add time format option for shortcode and single event page
  • Fix filter event
v.1.2.2 (10-Aug-2018)
  • Add new listing filter layout
v.1.2.1 (09-Aug-2018)
  • Add new single layout
  • Add new filter layout
v.1.2 (06-Aug-2018)
  • Add feature allow user create event at frontend
v.1.1.1 (01-Aug-2018)
  • Add option to enable/disable ‘Seat available’
  • Fix syntax what don’t support on old php version
  • Fixed date time format for datetime picker when create event
v.1.1 (28-July-2018)
  • Add option to filter by event name and event tag
  • Add option to order start date (DESC, ASC)
  • Update responsive for grid, ,masonry, metro layout
v.1.0 (26-July-2018)
  • Initial version