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Change log

Version: 3.0 (06-June-2021)
  • Fix time display error when viewing appointment details
  • Add customer number to list appointment
Version: 2.9 (26-March-2021)
  • Fix update booking status for stripe payment gateway
Version: 2.8 (05-March-2021)
  • Fix link for email template
Version: 2.7 (25-Feb-2021)
  • Fix missed appointments in booking list and calendar when paying with WooCommerce
Version: 2.6 (05-Feb-2021)
  • Fix send mail when change booking status
Version: 2.5 (02-Feb-2021)
  • Add option to hide offline payments
Version: 2.4 (24-Dec-2020)
  • Fix missing price and conflict layout for hide service option
Version: 2.3 (08-Dec-2020)
  • Update time format for time slot
  • Update payment information when editing appointment in backend
Version: 2.2 (30-Nov-2020)
  • Add option to hide: location, category, employee, service, service extra
Version: 2.1 (12-Otc-2020)
  • Fixed: delete service
Version: 2.0 (07-Otc-2020)
  • Booking multiple days
  • Re-schedules through calendar view or booking manage
  • Employees dashboard: Employees have their own dashboard to accept or reject reservations
Version: 1.0 (29-Sep-2020)
  • Initial version